Monday, December 20, 2004

So I Haven't Been Here In A While....

... so lets recap.

I failed NaNoWriMo simply because it was a busy month. I bet I could do it in January, and I fully intend to.

Work is getting busier, and I am getting more and more scary responsibility. I'm doing complete takeoffs, and three more people have been hired, to start in the New Year. Uhm... hooray!

I got a bad cold combined with allergies, then Steph and Seb got the cold, before Steph wound up with Strep, which she gave back to me last night. We're a sharing family.

We had our office party, which was a lot of fun. Get some booze into these guys and they're every bit as delightfully gooftastic as any of my school friends. Also, they spent more on food and drink than I make in a month. Wooo!

I'm working on my wicked fictitious Diablo III Characters, which can be found here. The interactive Excel files can be found at the bottom (just one for now, but I plan to maike more!)

Last but probably least, it's Christmas, the time for giving till it hurts, or until the big stores say so.

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