Monday, May 07, 2007


... I finally got a good night's sleep, and my stomach finally isn't sending shooting pains from my ass through to my eyeballs, so all in all, I think it's safe to call today "Recovery Day #1".  With any luck, tomorrow will be "Exercise Day #1", assuming, of course, Throkette either miraculously stays asleep in her crib all night (like she did last night.... wierd), or Throkky lets me put her on the mattress in her room.  Whoopee!

Also.... I think that, after 18 years, thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and millions of kills.... I think I'm finally getting bored of the computer! I mean, over the past week, I've only set up my laptop at home twice.  At first that was because I was too busy to sit down for a minute to check my forums or anything, but then it just became because there wasn't anything I really, really wanted to do.  I can't find my "The Movies" disc, and it's driving me NUTS, because now I'm afraid I have to go buy a new one to replace the one I got for Christmas that I used for all of 45 minutes.... but other than that, and a few writing projects in my head, there's nothing I feel like doing on the computer.  Chatting on the forums has lost it's luster, my blog is just self-gratification (and you're ALL watching!) and most of my games now bore the whatever out of me.

I think... I'm finally bored of computers.

This couldn't have happened at a better time.  Now when I look at my computer, I think "I should really work on my CCG", or "I should work on my website", or "I should talk to building suppliers and start building a catalogue" or "I should work on a story", or "I should play a little Alpha Centauri..."


What? I love that game.

Anyways, this is a break through (or a break down? MAYBE!!!) for me, and I hope it means positive things.  I can't handle many more negative things.

And now, I'm off to save a building from imminent collapse.  Cadmonkey, AWAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I"m glad you got a good nights sleep!