Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ShinyStat Saves The Day

According to ShinyStat, fully 66% of the site hits on this blog are.... me.  That means for every two times I go to my blog, one other person does.  Throkky did so last night for some reason, and a guy I know named Seven went here a few days ago, so with the four times I came here to find links I'd posted, that accounts for everyone.


See, this means I can write violent and disturbing things here, because no-one will read them.  See, if you write violent and/or disturbing things, and someone reads them, you could go to jail, although since I'm not Asian, I should be safe.  Now, it is argued that he should have censored himself because the VA attacks had been so recent, but really, the teacher specifically asked the students to write what they were thinking, what they were feeling, to write anything.  Nothing this kid wrote was threatening... just sort of creepy and gross.  You know, the same stuff that makes Hollywood billion$ and makes Stephen King a household name.  When it's a quiet, well-liked straight-A Asian kid with aspirations of joining the Marines, then you kick him out of school, and send the police to his home.

Good to know.


lostdwarf said...

Well, you can't be too careful with all those Asian people and their... I don't know. How are we dangerous again?

Mighty Jalapeno said...

Very dangerous. I saw the food you force-fed us in Vancouver... it's inhuman! (And delicious!)