Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy... Busier.... DEAD!

Ok, to sum up my immediate future:

I was on TV yesterday.  I'll be dropping off a blank tape at the studio tomorrow so they can put a copy of it onto a tape, then I'll find some way to put the tape onto a viewable format, and then upload it onto YouTube (I might be such a cheap bastard that I'll just aim the camera at the TV and record it that way).  Since then I've gotten 96 unique hits on my website, and one interested party looking into straw bale homes.  Consequently, I really have to finish the website ( ).

Nextly.... that's a word, right? Nextly, I have to get my boards and presentation material AND Powerpoint stuff ready for the Energy Fair, where I will be touting said business for eight hours to people interested in energy efficient housing.  I also have to give a presentation to all of them at some point without barfing on myself.

Thirdly, I have to make up my half-page advertisment for the booklet that's being distributed by the thousands AT the fair.

Fourthly, the Seniors Guide ( ) is up and running again, and I have to complete the Victoria guide in about three weeks, on top of everything else I'm doing here.

Fifthly, I am really behind on my writing projects, which I have been putting off like crazy.

Sixthly, I have a full-time job at work, and a full-time job at home, plus yard work and farm work.

Seventhly, I have to go over here and die a little inside.


So, to everyone who keeps bugging me and bugging me to blog.... there, I blogged, now shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said...

He Blogged!! YIPPY!!!


Do it again!!

Stephanie said...

So, when will you blog again?

Mighty Jalapeno said...

I will when you do, sweetie.

lostdwarf said...

Yikes, dude. I wish I could help out with any of that.

But I don't garden here and I'm certainly not going to for someone else.