Monday, April 16, 2007


... a few things have happened!

Last night, we witnessed the most severe case of road-rage ever (for me, at least).  We passed a guy on the highway who was pulled off to the side of the road, but he leapt over the retainment and into his car right when we passed him.  About a click or two down the road, he comes up beging us about about 150 or 160, and starts flashing the highbeams DIRECTLY behind me.  Ok, dickwad, I start to pull over, but he FLIES past me on the inside lane.  Uhm... ok, fella.  Then, he pulls up behind a truck right in front of us, and does the same thing... highbeams, then passing.  Once he pulls BACK in front of the truck, though, he slows down... 120... 110... 100.... 90... 80... semi trucks are now passing, and I'm scared to pass the truck/BMW pairing, who obviously have something personal going on, because the BMW is swerving like mad.  Eventually, the truck, and then me, pass the BMW.  Shortly, though, the BMW SOARS past me, and pulls alongside thr truck, and they BOTH begin to slow down to 80, then 70!  Obviously, some sort of heated exchange is going on between the drivers.  BMW pulls in front AGAIN and slows down, and I pass them both.  Thankfully, they both slowed down to 60 or so, and we never saw them again.  One phone call later (Small BMW convertible, drunk driver, license place 077-AMS), and we were home, safe and sound.  Now, two options...

1.) He was drunk
2.) That's how he drives when he's SOBER.

Both are terrifying.

Also, I have just now decided to make my own CCG.... Not sure what it's called, but it's going to consist of religions, the same way Magic consists of colors.  And yes, "Flying Spgahetti Monster" and "Aetheist" will be represented, as well as Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and more if I can think of them.  There will be a variety of cards for each (Do you play "Loving" Christian, or "Fundie" Christian?), and "mana" will be replaced with "believers".

So.... going to hell, or what?

Video Hilarity Of The Day - Why Are My Fingers Little People?!? (Note: all voices are the same guy)

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