Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hey, Whats This Blog Doing Here?

Clearly, not much. AHAHAHAHAHA! I kill me.

Wanna see what I do at work? Click me!

Man, it's been busy here at work. Our architect has been susapended, since he hasn't paid his dues in a few years, and has refused continued education. Architects are required to get something like 100+ hours worth of college / university education in related fields per year. Our dude hasn't.

I'm working on a lake resort (you can see it in the link, thats Complex 3, beachfront. The end units have 5 bedrooms.) I'm happy they can't fire me, because right now, no-one knows more about the lake than me, and there's really important stuff I know that they don't. Mwahaha. Job security through dependency. Works for me!

Not much else to say.... I need to write more, both here, and in my continuing story sense. I finally fished one of my story ideas out of the back of my brain. Actually, it was something like three ideas I had floating around, brought together in one cohesive storyline. Even wierder, I've combined four separate story arcs into one continuous timeline spanning something like two thousand years. Origins, NosCor, NMAFCAT, and Shryke now form a seriously huge story Universe.


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